Why Can’t People Learn

Gutter guards simple don’t work.  It is obvious, but it is true.  If you search the internet, you will find literally…tons of people selling gutters guards.

The first two results from google are:




Of course, the first two results are for the largest home stores in the states, but perhaps people should consider whether that is something that they need prior to purchasing them.

Most homeowner are fooled into thinking that these guards are the answer.  I didn’t matter what type of guard you put on (including the helmet variety) they all will have to be cleaned at some point.  In other words, guards are a waste of money (as they are expensive). They don’t do the job they are designed to do, and the only people who profit from them are the people selling them to you.

On the forum “contractors talk” you can read some of the responses people have posted about their experiences with gutter guards….hint, they aren’t good.



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