Choosing the Right Gutter for Your Home

Rain gutters are important when it comes to channeling water away from your house. When you make sure the gutters are clean, it can prevent water from damaging your landscape and foundation. If you want to replace an old gutter system or you are installing it for the first time you should first decide on what type of gutters you need.

Rain gutters come in two types, seamless and sectional. Sectional gutter systems are made of light, precut aluminum or vinyl segments. The primary advantage of the sectional gutter system is that it is easy to assemble and install. However, with time, the joints and seams can separate and this may result in leaking.

On the other hand, seamless gutter systems which are also known as continuous gutters must be installed by a professional. The expert cuts the segments to match your house before sealing. And you should not attempt to install the gutters on your own. The main advantage of these gutters is that they are strong, don’t leak easily, and are more attractive. However, these gutters are very expensive.

Gutters are manufactured using different materials that are determined by durability, appeal, cost and weather resistance. Aluminum, copper stainless steel, vinyl, and wood are used.

The aluminum gutters are easy to install, weather resistant, and cheap. Color varies, and a linear foot costs between $4 and $7. New aluminum gutters are appealing but lose attraction over time. Some of the disadvantages of aluminum gutters is that they are damaged readily by flying debris and strong wind leading to leakage. Also, their maintenance cost is high.

The Golden color in copper gutters is expensive, and patina does not need sealants. The copper gutters have a linear foot costs between $15 and $30. Most people love them because they high appeal. However, before you buy them, you should know that their maintenance cost is high.

Gutters are made using different materials and each type has pros and cons. Therefore, before you decide on which gutter to install, you should analyze them so that you can pick what suits you best.

Why Can’t People Learn

Gutter guards simple don’t work.  It is obvious, but it is true.  If you search the internet, you will find literally…tons of people selling gutters guards.

The first two results from google are:


Of course, the first two results are for the largest home stores in the states, but perhaps people should consider whether that is something that they need prior to purchasing them.

Most homeowner are fooled into thinking that these guards are the answer.  I didn’t matter what type of guard you put on (including the helmet variety) they all will have to be cleaned at some point.  In other words, guards are a waste of money (as they are expensive). They don’t do the job they are designed to do, and the only people who profit from them are the people selling them to you.

On the forum “contractors talk” you can read some of the responses people have posted about their experiences with gutter guards….hint, they aren’t good.


Round Up Of Sites

I like to see what different companies are doing in terms of their web presence and I was looking at “gutter Cleaning London” and came across this site:  They are ranked number 2, but if you look at their site, it is clean and done by a professional.  If you look at the number search result, it looks like wordpress 1.0 that my mother did….

It goes to show you, that having a pretty website isn’t all it takes for web rankings.  The professionals in this industry need to learn that and apply the methods that will get them higher rankings.